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Four Markets In India Where You Can Find the Best Quality First Copy Of Branded Products

In my previous article, I told you what is First Copy watches. I could only manage to tell you about the best market in Mumbai where you can find luxury brand’s replica/first copy. So now I came up with few more name of the markets in India to Buy First Copies.

Gaffar Market, Karol Bagh, Delhi

No doubt that this market is capital’s best known for fake copies of the well-known brand.  You will find copies of every brand you wish to buy here. You will not just find clothes and accessories but all antiques, beauty products and electronics too are available here which all are imported from Thailand and china.

Brigade Road, Bangalore

This market in Bangalore is quite famous and attracts a lot of people who all are curiously looking for First copies of branded products.

Vardaan Market, Kolkata

You will find many copies of branded products you are looking for in Vardaan market from watches, perfumes, bags, apparels beauty products etc. All the products are to its best to the perfection but you need to struggle to find the best for yourself to avoid end up buying bad product copy.

New Market, Kolkata

In New Market, you may find really good brands copies but in little higher price. Over here I would suggest you buy through your sources to avoid making fool of yourself and wasting your money over a waste product. But you can find the exact copy of an original brand here.

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