PMHMD : Veer's real face exposed in front of Raghav...TV Shows 

PMHMD : Veer’s real face exposed in front of Raghav…

PMHMD : Veer’s real face exposed in front of Raghav…

So far we saw Veer accused Naina for molesting him. So complete Mehra family believes Veer and not Naina.

Naina expects Raghav to believe her but he don’t know whom to believe or trust. After such humiliation and lack of trust from Raghav,Naina decides to go away from Raghav and Mehra families life.

So in the upcoming episode we will see that Raghav trusts Naina. So he decides to find out the whole truth. So he cooks up a plan.

He will asks his friends to inform Veer  that Naina died due to car accident. So Veer starts panicking and feels guilty as he keeps thinking about Naina again and again.

It is also said that Veer will get some papers which can prove he is guilty. So he destroys them and keeps blabbering out of panic of all the wrong things he did to Naina.

Raghav will finally find out Veer’s truth and will get mad at him. Both Raghav and Veer gets into a big fight. And Raghav will beat Veer badly for molesting his wife.

Sanjana wil somehow stop him doing her pregnancy drama. Now will Raghav show Veer’s real face to Dadi.

So stay tuned with us for more updates on the show…


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