Naamkaran update : Alladin will come back in Avni's life again...TV Shows 

Naamkaran update : Alladin will come back in Avni’s life again…

Naamkaran update : Alladin will come back in Avni’s life again…

Good news for the Fans of Naamkaran and Kunwar Amarjeet Singh. As Kunwar aka Alladin will make a comeback in the show.

So far we saw Avni realize that her mother Aisha didn’t die due to the accident but someone killed her.

So she suspects Dayavanti Mehta. So she goes and informs police. But Daya gets to know about it and manages to kidnap Avni.

But Avni frees herself from their clutches and stop Daya from doing her brothers naamkaran. She names him Aman Aisha.

She also informs police about her kidnapping and says she suspects Daya. So police reopens the case again.

Further we got to know that Kunwar Amarjeet Singh  aka Aladin is back in the show.

Previously we saw that Aladdin betrayed Avni and Aishaby joining hands with Dayavanti Mehta to stop Avni from releasing her film.

However, now Aladdin will come back and will be regretful for betraying Avni and her trust.

There will be many twist and turns post Alladin’s comeback in the show. Avni will be very happy seeing him.

Now Aladdin will totally support for Avni in her mission against Dayavanti to expose Asha’s murderer.


So stay tuned with us for more updates on the show…

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