KASAM : New entry to spice up Rishi - Tanuja's love story...TV Shows 

KASAM : New entry to spice up Rishi – Tanuja’s love story…

KASAM : New entry to spice up Rishi – Tanuja’s love story…

In the upcoming episodes of Kasam Tere Pyar Ki, Bedi family will get arrested and will blame Tanuja for their condition.

Tanuja gets furious knowing Bani and Neha has done all this. So she decides to sort this out and free Bedi’s from wrong accusations.

Rishi comes to meet his family but Rano complains about Tanuja. She came along with Bani and trapped them by fake accusations that she harassed her. So she will give them pain too and so she made everyone arrested.

Rishi’s father Raj says he is still trying to understand what exactly happened. Rishi says she will go and talk and will sort this out. But Rano says she  won’t listen after doing all this.

Since Rano hates Tanuja, she feels she did all this intentionally to take revenge.

On other side Tanuja confronts Neha and Bani for trapping Bedi’s.  So to stop Tanuja, Neha slaps her but Tanuja slaps her back as she can’t bear this injustice. She asks her to stay away from her family.

Neha badmouths about Rishi so Tanuja asks her to not say a word against her husband Rishi.

So Tanuja decides to meet the doctor who made this reports. So she goes and asks the doctor to make new reports to free Bedi’s from police station from fake charges.

There is a new entry who is doctor Manav, who helps Tanuja by giving the new report. Actor Rohit Khurana will play the role of doctor Manav. There is also a news that there will be a love triangle between Rishi, Tanuja and Manav.

So stay tuned with us for more updates on the show…


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