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Naagin 2 : Rocky-Shivangi’s romance, Mahish-Shesha to make a deal

Naagin 2 : Rocky-Shivangi’s romance, Mahish-Shesha to make a deal

Shivangi killed Kapalika with full proof plan. So in the upcoming episode her next target is Anky2. First she will loose naagmani while saving Rocky.

Later she will find naagmani while chasing Anky 2 but will loose it again after killing Anky2.

There s also romantic moments for Rocky – Shivangi, a rain dance sequence. Shivangi is madly in love with Rocky so she expresses her love too. They both get really close.

Rudra sees them together from the window and gets jealous. As Rudra has started falling for Shivangi.

Shivangi goes towards window, and sees Rudra standing there. At that moment Rudra realizes what he feels for Shivangi.

Right now Rudra’s intention is to not let Shivangi diverted from her motive. So he keeps reminding her that they have lost naagmani and have to find it and also about her motives.

Mahishasur makes an entry as Ruchika aka Shesha’s boyfriend. He meets Rocky and says he knows Shivangi’s truth as she is nagina, the perfect wife, lover and bahu.

Mahish threatens Shivangi that he will reveal her Naagin truth to Rocky.

Since Mahish has the naagmani now. So Yamini and Avantika will ask Shesha to get it from him. So Shesha goes to get naagmani from Mahish using her charm.

But Mahish will show his hatred and hold Shesha’s neck as he is aware about her plan. Later they have arguement and both Shesha and Mahish make a deal.

Mahish accepts the deal and says Shesha that she will get Rocky from Shivangi only if she helps him. She has to find who is Anky2’s murderer.

On one hand Avantika and Yamini are dependent on Shesha to get naagmani from Mahish. But looks like Shesha has double crossed them this time.

On other hand Mahish’s intention is something else. He will attack on Shesha and then will also try to attack Shivangi too.

Now lets see who will get successful in getting Naagmani from Mahish.

So stay tuned with us for more updates on the show Naagin 2.






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