PMHMD update: Naina-Raghav's romantic moments | Naina slaps Veer...TV Shows 

PMHMD update: Naina-Raghav’s romantic moments | Naina slaps Veer…

PMHMD update: Naina-Raghav’s romantic moments | Naina slaps Veer…

In the upcoming episode Dadi will get Naina back home for Veer and Sanjana’s marriage, In order to unite Raghav and Naina.

Naina and Raghav will share some cute and romantic moments while making rangoli. But they get disturbed by the guests.

Later Naina shares her feelings to Raghav but Veer overhears it and goes to confront Naina.

Veer will go and humiliate her for marrying a servant when he rejected to marry her.

Later Veer also badmouths Raghav calling him servant. So Naina looses her cool and slaps him hard.

Naina tells Veer that if she had to choose between Raghav and him. Then she will always choose Raghav as he is far better than him.

Veer gets shocked and furious on Naina for slapping him so he decides to take revenge from her.

So will Veer get successful in taking revenge or Raghav will save Naina from Veer’s clutches???

So stay tuned with us for more updates on the show….

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