Ishqbaaz : Shivika-Omru join hands to unravel Swetlana-Tia's realityTV Shows 

Ishqbaaz : Shivika-Omru join hands to unravel Swetlana-Tia’s reality

Ishqbaaz : Shivika-Omru join hands to unravel Svetlana-Tia’s reality

In the upcoming episode of Ishqbaaz, the track will get even more exciting. So be ready peeps…

So far we saw that Svetlana entered the Oberoi mansion with lots of drama to help her sister Tia.  Their only mission is to destroy Oberois.

Since her only obstacle is Anika, so her next step is to kill Anika somehow.

Since Shivaay is changing the entire security and as it will take some time for new security. And so it is good opportunity for Tia and svetlana to attack on Anika.

So as per sources, Tia and Svetlana will send some goons to attack on Anika. But fortunately she will get saved.

Adds the source that Though Anika would be shocked and shaken. But she will understand that it is Tia and Svetlana behind this attack on her.

Anika will also understand that Tia’s objective is much bigger and not just of getting married to Shivaay.

So Anika will share her thoughts and observation about attacks to Shivaay, Om and Rudra.

And then the trio would join hands to know the complete truth. As they feel they are missing something so they decide to work together to unravel Tia – Svetlana’s reality

So will Anika and O’brothers manage to find out their truth Or will Tia-Svetlana will trick them all again???

So stay tuned with us for more updates on the show…

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