Detox Water to loose belly fats naturally


An Expert advice everyone to drink 2 glasses of water daily, first thing in the morning which is the best thing one can do to stay fit and healthy. And minimum 2 liters of water on daily basis helps your systems work at their best. But seriously drinking plain water is really difficult and boring.  I can’t even gulp this plain water. I just hate it. So one day I read an article on detox water so I thought I will suggest everybody in my circle too about it.

Firstly let see what is Detox water?

Well it is not at all complicated, It is nothing but a plain water infused with healthy fruits in jar as per your taste and preferences which you have to refrigerate it overnight. So that flavors and nutrients of fruits gets infused with water. And your magic potion will be ready. You can actually make this magic potion at home itself and drink it throughout the day.

Secondly you must know the benefits of course

Detox water helps you flush out toxins from your immune system, helps you body release fats cells naturally which will help you get ride of belly fat isn’t that great? It helps you get better skin and many more health benefits so I would suggest everybody to try this and make this your daily routine.

You can add ingredients like

Lemon – helps to flush harmful toxins from your body

Cucumber – Contains anti-inflammatory Properties.

Mint and Ginger – helps in digestion and gastric problems

So will share one basic detox water recipe.

In a mason jar, add the following:

6 to 8 cups of filtered water

1 tablespoon of grated ginger

1 cucumber and 1 lemon, sliced

1/2 cup of mint leaves

Let the mixture infuse overnight

Drink it all the very next day and enjoy!

You may add any fruits and veggies of your choice which are healthy and beneficial.



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